The Tibetan Spaniel is an ancient breed from Tibet where the monks used them as little guard & pet dogs. They lived & sleept with the monks, were an ideal heat source & the monks carried them in the sleeves of the cloth. They were also used to guard the upper walls of the temple. They would sit and observe if any stranger approced the temple and alert the big Mastiffs which the monks often had guarding the lifestock at the bottom of the temple. The dogs were seen as divine & the tibetan monks have breed several pedigrees ( Tibetan Terrier, Shih tzu, Lhasa apso ) The Tibetan spaniel isnt really a spaniel but was catigoriced as a spaniel because of its features which is similar to the Spaniel breed. It dosent really have any hunting skills but it has the kind temper of a spaniel.It loves to sit up high where it can observe its surroundings ,it will bark when it sees something unfamiliar but as soon as the object is fully studied it will soon loose interest. Because of the close life with the monks the Tibbie is an ideal pet dog. It loves affection & attention but is still very independent & dosent really have a problem with being home alone. It expects to be considered as a full member of the family & loves to join the family where ever they go. They can adapt to every situation weather its to be calm & quiet or playfull & social. I`ve taking my dogs everywhere from gyms to amusementsparks, to restaurants & airports. But its NOT a commando dog, hard handling dosent work & it will refuse to do something it finds futile.It has a mind of its own & as long as that is respected The Tibetan Spaniel is such a joy. 


We live in the lovely town of Frederiksværk in a wooden house next to the sea. Its the perfect place for us with forest,sea and Arresø lake surrounding the area. I became a dog owner late in my life. Its my firm belief that if you have a dog, you MUST have the time for it.The desire was always there, but the time not & it has been very important for me that I had people around me who were willing to care for the dogs if I had needed help & I had the full time to devote myself to the dog. So it was a very thoroughly thought out decision with a good backup from the family when I started looking for a dog. I've had cats for many years & had kittens several times but a cat is more independent than a dog & cat can come & go as it pleases. But finally one day it all fell into place & I am now a very privileged dog owner.

Originally I wanted a Jack Russell but after studying the breed realized that it wasnt the right dog for me. On the other hand I met a Tibetan Spaniel that I was so fortunateto babysit (which I would recommend for all first-time dog owners to do) & fell deeply in love with this beautiful little dog. It was a perfect fit for me & the cat.

I now have 2 Tibbies is a delight.  It  quickly became apparent that I also had to  breed & show the world this amazing dog .I  will breed 1-2 litters a year, where my  main focus will be to breed mentally & physically healthy dogs. The mentality of the Tibetan spaniel is so unique & is one of the reasons  why I have chosen the Tibetan spaniel.  Its mild & gentle nature is in high value to me.  Furthermore, the dog's general  health has to be in perfect condition. Dogs from Kennel Freegrove get a health check at our veterinarian yearly and I feed exclusively with BARF. My goal is to breed Tibetan Spaniels that are living up to breeds standard. My dogs are with me everywhere & are used to other dogs, kids, traffic, cats & everything you encounter out in the worldSince there are no children living at our home, family & friends' children come often to visit & the dogs thrive with children. Its very important for me to that my dogs can succeed everywhere & are friendly & kind towards everyone small & big.

Puppies from Kennel Freegrove will have FCI  pedigree,health certificate, registration with the Danish dog register and are  chipped & vaccinated before they come to their new home. Futhermore the puppies get a starter kit with BARF,
CD with photos of puppies & parents, rug, toys & small chews.

I have reviewed the Danish kennel club breeder education & is member of Danish  kennel club. You are welcome to c ontact me if you have questions about the breed or are  curious to know more about us.
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